First Look: Project Superpowers Chapter Two #0

Preview: Project Superpowers #0

Ross' three cover to Project Superpowers Chapter Two #0

Couresty of Dynamite Entertainment, we've got your first look inside May's Project Superpowers Chapter Two #0 by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Edgar Salazar. The new 13-part series returns to Dynamite's world of revived Golden Age heroes who've returned to the present day only to find the world vastly changed from when they left.

Dynamite's release for the issue reads:


Chapter Two features explosive debut, 3 Alex Ross covers!

The comics racks are set to explode this May as Dynamite unleashes the thrilling second chapter of their acclaimed and best-selling PROJECT SUPERPOWERS series! Featuring a story by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger, not only does the specially priced – just $1.00 for a FULL 32 PAGE COMIC featuring 22 pages of story and art broken down as follows - 20 pages of brand new story and art, PLUS a two-page painted Black Terror Origin sequence! - #0 issue also features three connecting Alex Ross painted covers, AND Wolverine artist Stephen Segovia provides a special chase cover (which connects to his cover for issue #1 as well)! This is a GREAT way to introduce your fans in to this "dynamite" new world, and at an incredible introductory price!

Take a moment to check out the incredible cover art, origin sequence (painted origin sequences of the SUPERPOWERS team to be featured in each and every issue), Segovia alternate cover and the incredible interior art by Dynamite exclusive artist Edgar Salazar!

#0, pages 2-3

Industry artistic giants are excited about PROJECT SUPERPOWERS artist Edgar Salazar, and here's what they have to say about his interior work!

"Powerful action, solid storytelling, impressive color. Edgar's an artist to watch. This book is Dynamite!"

- Mike Deodato, Jr. - artist on Dark Avengers

"Edgar Salazar is an incredible discovery! DYNAMITE may have found the next John Cassaday! Where did he come from?!"

- Ethan Van Sciver artist on Flash: Rebirth

"His work is dynamic. The characters have a Watchmen feel to them. Combining with Edgar's smooth story telling, this will make an interesting read."

- Billy Tan - artist on New Avengers, Uncanny X-men and X-23

"Edgar's work is dynamic and expressive yet realistic, finely detailed but uncluttered, and not a short-cut in sight."

- Frank Quietly - artist on All Star Superman and upcoming Batman And Robin

"Wow! The first thing that jumps out at me is how he's able to incorporate an appropriate amount of detail while keeping the story clear and colorful. There's lots of nice space that balances out the line work, and great movement. Very fresh looking, and incorporating his influences without trying to ape them. Bravo..."

- Ron Garney - Wolverine: Weapon X Artist Extraordinaire

#0, page 9

"I hadn't seen Edgar's artwork before but after Project Superpowers hits the shelves I'm sure that'll change. Just beautiful work!"

- Adam Kubert - artist on upcoming high profile Marvel Projects

"Edgar has a knack for epic storytelling. He's got that big budget movie look while still providing the thrill of good old fashioned, four-color dynamics. Definitely one to watch..."

- Lee Bermejo - artist on Joker Graphic Novel

"The big heroes need the best artists possible, and Edgar is the one that doesn't disappoint. His potential is being realized! He just nailed it with his story telling and fine line art. Totally beautiful pages."

- Stephen Segovia - upcoming Weapon X artist

"Usually people who do art to be colored for the interior of comic books have a little bit of a problem being clear, and this is NOT only beautiful but it's very clear and I think great storytelling. You can see exactly what's happening and I love that. That's adding a dimension that would not allow for a lot of the color artist's to fulfill their job to the fullest, as they would have a difficulty with getting too much dark and obscure art that would be hard to follow. This is very, very impressive. I don't know how old Salazar is but he sure is good. His colorist is very good, and I also like his palette which adds to the attractiveness of the pages as well as clarity. That bird's eye view is a chore most artists would avoid."

- John Romita - retired, Marvel Art Director and Amazing Spider-Man artist

#0, page 11

"Very nice! Edgar's work features dynamic 'camera' angles and incredible detail in the machinery and backgrounds." Greg Land - artist on Uncanny X-Men

"Edgar shows great sensitivity to all the details in the reference material, the character sheets, and a great skill with the human figure, that's the thing I always respond very strongly to—an artist's ability to pick up on nuance. Edgar has demonstrated that quality in his layouts and designs on Death Defying 'Devil."

- Alex Ross - Project Superpowers Cover Artist and art director as well as Avengers/Invaders Cover Artist


The next exciting chapter of DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT's PROJECT SUPERPOWERS begins here! And, just like the first series, Chapter Two is debuting with a full-size, introductory priced #0 issue! And best of all, issue #0 features three connecting covers - forming one amazing and powerful image - by Alex Ross!

Overseen again by Ross, who plots and art directs the entire PROJECT SUPERPOWERS universe, writer Jim Krueger returns for Chapter Two, as the pair of all-star creators are joined for the series by Edgar (DEATH DEFYING 'DEVIL) Salazar!

#0, page 14

This full-size, 32-page comic features 20 pages of story and art, PLUS a two page origin sequence of the Black Terror by Doug Klauba (each issue of Chapter Two will feature extra content like the Origins sequences here)! PROJECT SUPERPOWERS: CHAPTER TWO picks up from the events of CHAPTER ONE as the newly returned heroes have set out on a quest to use their newfound freedom to return the world to the power of the people, while facing the shadowy Supremacy and the unlikely foes of the Inheritors! We've built up the SUPERPOWERS universe, and now watch it be torn down! All for $1.00!




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