Quesada Previews Amazing Spider-Man #600 Cover

Quesada Previews ASM #600 Cover

Amazing Spider-Man #600 cover by Joe Quesada

Via his Twitter page, Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada has posted a preview of the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #600, due out in July.

As Marvel's Jim McCann revealed at this past weekend's FX International convention in Ordlando, the  issue will run approximately 105 pages with a  $4.99 cover price.

As the report from the panel reads:

The next question concerned the upcoming “Spider-Man: American Son” and what creators would be involved in that story. Jim said that no one on the panel was involved, but that he did have some knowledge about the story. He confirmed that it is a Dark Reign tie-in, heavily involving the Iron Patriot and Norman Osborn, as well as a new hero for Spider-Man’s world. It’s going to be a five part story, starting with Amazing Spider-Man #595 and leading up to #600. The panel reminded readers to remember that in the world of the Dark Reign, new heroes don’t necessarily mean good guys. Issue #600 of Amazing Spider-Man will be a huge, massive issue. According to the panel, Marvel is doing something that no one has done before, which is to do a super-sized issue that has a 60-page lead story written by Dan Slott and drawn by John Romita, Jr. In addition to that, there will be numerous 5-page stories by the rest of the Spider-Man writers. Then, also, there will be a 10-page story from Stan Lee himself. It will be a 104-page comic of all new material for only $4.99, and the story will thrust Spider-Man into his next year. And for those who have been wondering, “American Son” will answer the question of how Spider-Man reacts to having his greatest nemesis running the country.

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