"Uncanny X-Men #6" cover by Greg Land
Credit: Greg Land (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Greg Land (Marvel Comics)

Founding X-Men Angel will be revisiting his dark side -- and some dark times -- in the upcoming "Apocalypse Wars" issues of Uncanny X-Men, according to CBR. Cullen Bunn and Greg Land's book about Magneto and the more bloodthirsty X-Men will focus on Warren Worthington III and his strong ties to Apocalypse, beginning in April's #6. For this event, Land will draw covers while Ken Lashley will provide interior art.

"Archangel will be the center of quite a bit of mystery in the first arc of my run. In the Apocalypse Wars' story, I'll reveal how ended up back in this form and how he ended up on the team," said Bunn. "The big question, of course, is if the Dark Angel persona is still alive and well."

"Apocalypse Wars" kicks off in March's Extraordinary X-Men #8, and go through Uncanny X-Men and on to All-New X-Men.

Newsarama will have more information on this upcoming X-Men event later in the day.

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