Weirdworld Images
Weirdworld Images
Credit: Marvel Comics

After making waves inside Secret Wars, Weirdworld is returning with a new ongoing series which connects Weirdworld to the mainstream Marvel Universe in the same way that Asgard or the Savage Land are part of Marvel's Earth. Told through the eyes of Becca and Goleta, a pair of young women whose quests will bring them together in unexpected ways, Weirdworld will mash up genres and explore every corner of the dimension where lost things become found.

Newsarama took part in a phone press conference with writer Sam Humphries, along with Senior Vice President/Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and assistant editor Alana Smith. Along with this, Marvel has released a preview of Weirdworld #2, a first look inside #2 and the cover of #4 which you can view here.

And you can read the play-by-play of this conversation below:



Weirdworld #1 debuts December 16.

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