CIVIL WAR II 'Earth-Shattering' Promises BENDIS

"Civil War II" image by Steve McNiven
Credit: Steve McNiven (Marvel Comics)

Another Civil War is coming in 2016  -- and we don't just mean Captain America: Civil War .

Marvel has confirmed the recent image teasers are in fact Civil War II, and the creators Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez, along with Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso and VP of Publishing Tom Brevoort are finally talking about it -- even if they talk more about the original than the upcoming sequel.

Civil War is rightly thought of by many as the landmark Marvel event and it’s a huge challenge to live up to the example set by Steve McNiven and [inker] Dexter Vines,” Marquez said. “Working on this book is a huge honor and an amazing opportunity to really push myself and show what I’m capable of artistically, and it’s also just great fun to get to pull out all the toys from the Marvel toy box!"

Brevoort, who edited the original Civil War by McNiven, Vines and Mark Millar, will also be editing Civil War II.

“The fun thing about Civil War [was] that the issues involved not only divided the heroes, they also divided the fans, to say nothing of the creative people,” said Brevoort. “The attempt was to craft the conflict so that each side held a valid and defensible position, so that a reader could fundamentally agree with either one side or the other, with neither being painted as absolutely right or absolutely wrong. While the issues involved are different, we’ll be taking the same approach to Civil War II.”

Credit: Steve McNiven (Marvel Comics)

2016 proved the perfect ground for Marvel to do a sequel, not only because Captain America: Civil War comes out, but it's also the tenth anniversary of the original Civil War series.

"Civil War was a seismic event that demanded the attention of existing fans and created new ones because it tapped into the most pressing question of its day," Alonso added. “Civil War II will do the same.”

Bendis, who was writing for Marvel when the original Civil War came out, says he's hoping to make Civil War II equal to the original.

“The original Civil War is one of the most important Marvel comics ever, and we are all very excited to have come up with what we hope is a story worthy of the title,” said Bendis. “If you are scared of earth shattering Marvel events where no one is safe…be afraid, be very afraid.”

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