Fox Atomic Closes Down

Fox Atomic Closes Down

According to Variety, the doors are closing on Fox Atomic, the film production division of Twentieth Century Fox that was opened in 2007 in order to launch comedy and genre films and franchises. According to the trade, “The division had been seen as vulnerable since its marketing arm was absorbed back into Fox and Fox Searchlight in January 2008.”

Over its two-year run, the imprint of Fox released films such as genre pics as 28 Weeks later, The Hills Have Eyes II and Turistas, as wlel as comedies such as The Rocker, Miss March, 12 Rounds and The Comebacks.

Debbie Liebling, head of Fox Atomic, will reportedly return to 20th Century Fox where she will continue with the general mission of FA, that is, to create genre and comedy projects for the the larger studio. There was no immediate word on the fate of other FA executives. The trade reports that word on that will come next week.

As Variety reported, speculation on FA’s closure is due to the division not producing enough hits, as well as the notion that since FA’s founder was moved to Fox Broadcasting.

There are several Fox Atomic projects still in the pipeline, including the film version of I Love You Beth Cooper (July 10), the Megan Fox starring Jennifer’s Body (September 18), 28 Months Later and Accidents, starring Sacha Baron Cohen. The trade speculated that the later films will most likely be released through Fox or its other brands.

There is also no word on what the closing of Fox Atomic will mean for the deal the studio had with Boom! Studios. As announced at Wonder Con, Boom! and Fox Atomic had reached an agreement to publish original comics based on Fox Atomic properties and films. To date, the two have announced a 28 Days Later comic to launch in July.

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