Illustration by Karl Kerschl
Credit: Karl Kerschl
Credit: Karl Kerschl (DC Comics)

Principal Gotham Academy artist Karl Kerschl has announced that he's leaving the DC series. This week's Gotham Academy #12 is his final work on the series, despite Kerschl being solicited for Gotham Academy #13. Both DC and Diamond still list Kerschl as that issue's artist, but comiXology has Adam Archer listed as the new artist. #14 and #15 are solicited as done by a group of guest writers and artists.

"Gotham Academy #12 is my last issue as series artist," Kerschl said on Twitter. "Thanks to everyone who's been reading and supporting it"

Series co-writer Becky Cloonan commented on Kerschl's announcement, saying "Karl you are the absolute best. So proud of our work on this book, so happy you are my friend! I miss you so much!!!"

Although Kerschl hasn't said what his next project will be, following the Gotham Academy announcement he posted a new illustration for his creator-owned series The Abominable Charles Christopher.

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