FX - Guest of Honor Michael Golden

FX - Guest of Honor Michael Golden

FX - Guest of Honor Michael Golden
FX - Guest of Honor Michael Golden
This year’s special guest of honor at Central Florida’s FX Show was Michael Golden, who is known throughout the industry as the perennial conceptual cover artist, having penciled nearly every character out there at some point. Michael was only too happy to sit down with Newsarama and talk about what he’s got going on right now and hint at what’s to come.

Currently, Golden is involved in the G.I. Joe Yearbook Redux. According to Golden, they are editing all of the artwork and dialogue (but not the story!) of the G.I. Joe Yearbook that he did for Marvel Comics some time ago. Not only is the whole thing being re-edited, he said, but Golden guarantees that there will be at least five pages of completely new artwork!  He expressed excitement about the editing of the artwork, which he explained is being scanned from the original line art, so he anticipates it looking great. He is also planning to re-color the entire thing, which should make it extra special for the fans. The goal, right now, is to have the “Redux” out by the time the G.I. Joe movie hits theatres in August.

And for G.I. Joe fans, FX has an exclusive G.I. Joe poster, which is an enlarged print of the back cover art that Michael did for the previous G.I. Joe Yearbook “That was done before the Yearbook that we’re currently editing,” Golden said with a laugh. The poster, which features the villains from the comic, was an honor for Golden, who said that the fans really seem to love it, as the few prints he has were selling out faster then he could put them out.

Aside from the Yearbook project, Golden indicated that he is also doing a piece for a Planet of the Apes project. He’s not sure what the venue will be, but he did reveal that it’s for a company called “Blam.” He has some other things in the works right now that he couldn’t talk about, since, as he so eloquently put it, “all of the little ducks are not in a row yet, let alone quacking.” He did add, however, that a cover he did for Torchwood last year should be available now for viewing online.

Golden is also at working on a number of intellectual properties (IPs) and self-published works that he hopes will turn into licensed products for the creators. The IP work includes movies, as well as animated projects.

Golden’s agent and publisher, Renee Witterstaetter of Eva Ink, was present with him, and she pointed out a number of Golden’s recent projects that fans can pick up while at the FX show, including Excess- the Art of Michael Golden (a retrospective of his whole career), The Heroes & Villains Sketchbook (which debuted at San Diego last year), and a two-disc DVD title Creator Chronicles – Michael Golden (which includes a tutorial, an interview, some panel appearances, as well as interviews with other creators about Golden’s influence on the industry).

There was also the Manga Bucky O’Hare, which reprinted the entire Bucky O’Hare series in one book, as well as the Modern Masters in the Studio with Michael Golden trade paperback, which is still available. Plus, for those who missed out on it, they had on hand a few remaining copies of the Planet Comicon 2009 exclusive of the Uncanny X-Men.

Golden finished off with a few words about his next sketchbook coming out this year, titled “Dangerous Curves.” From the title, fans are sure to assume that this will be a book filled with sketches of curvaceous females (which wouldn’t be totally wrong); but Golden was quick to add that it will also include other things with curves, such as pre-production and preview work that he has done for race cars and streamlined machinery – anything with curves (“But, yeah,” he grinned, “it’s mostly gonna be women!”). Those women will be many of the superheroine sketches he has done over the years, as well as some of the licensed work he has done, including trading cards, posters, and similar items.

Michael said he is enjoying FX and looks forward to a great weekend. He loves conventions, so he won’t be hard to find at others. “I’m everywhere,” he laughed, “so be warned!”

For more information on Michael Golden and his work, check out www.evaink.com.

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