According to DC’s senior story editor Ian Sattler, DC will have an amazing 2009, following the fallout of the major crossover title Final Crisis at the “DC Nation!” panel at the Philly World Wizard Con.

With several members of the DC creative talent, including Final Crisis artist J.G. Jones and upcoming Power Girl series co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti, Sattler fielded questions and previewed upcoming issues and series of popular characters from the DCU.

Accompanied by a slideshow, Sattler went through a series of new and upcoming covers, including a Superman/Batman issue where the two appeared to be in a fight, with Batman upside down, leading to Sattler joking about it being the “disco issue.”

Trinity, the new weekly book, was featured, by Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley. This was followed by a cover to a new issue of Green Lantern.

“This is the cover to a secret origin story to Green Lantern,” Sattler said, asking if anyone has been reading Green Lantern. The room applauded in response.

When the slideshow shifted to a new issue of the recently announced [url= http://www.newsarama.com/nycomiccon2008/DC/powergirl.html Power Girl[/url] series, the audience applauded before Sattler could say a word.

When asked for more stories involving Power Girl, Sattler responded saying “the JSA Annual deals with Power Girl, and we’ve got a whole Power Girl series that’s popping.”

The floor was soon opened for questions by the audience.

“If you could do more stories with Batman in the 51st universe, that would be great,” a fan commented.

“What’s going on with Jason Todd?” someone in the front asked, in reference to the mantle of Red Hood.

“Jason Todd is being Jason Todd,” Sattler said, adding that there will be some story dealing with the next Red Hood soon.

“We have a real advantage to do really great character stuff, with as much as we can with Amanda on it,” Palmiotti said of the Power Girl series. “We just felt this should be something you can read from issue one where you can get everything,” he continued. “We kind of play with the nuances of character, as she wants things done her way. I’m always interested with characters like Peter Parker and Mary Jane, that’s what I like in Power Girl.”

Asked about what’s coming up in Superman, Sattler said, “We’ve got Jeff johns and James Robertson working on a Braniac story they’re kicking off. That story goes on to the next and then the next. The Superman stories really get big, heading into the Fall and huge into 2009.”

[Are there] “Any plans for a second JSA book?” an audience member asked.

“We’re going to make it through the Gog story first and see which characters are left over,” Sattler said.

Questions then turned to Final Crisis. “The threat level of Final Crisis is huge,” Sattler warned. “We’re seeing right off the bat how that’s playing out. Like with Martian Manhunter - what happens to him and what becomes of him; we’ll see in Final Crisis: Requiem what happens to him.”

The panel was asked if there was chance for an Aquaman relaunch.

“We get asked that question a lot, so we’re aware of the lack of Aquaman,” Sattler said.

Finally, Palmiotti was asked if it was challenging to keep Jonah Hex interesting.

“I don’t think we’ve actually done one story where he got the bounty and got the reward,” joked Palmiotti, who said there were almost 30-something issues where the Western themed character would go after a bounty for a reward, only to come home empty-handed.

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