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Deadpool and Cable – two great tastes that taste great together! In Deadpool & Cable: Split Second writer Fabian Nicieza is returning to the team he wrote for 50 issues, and he’s bringing one of classic collaborators, in the form of Reilly Brown, back with him.

In Split Second, which began digitally in October, but sees print December 9, the merc with a mouth and the soldier with a scowl are back in action together, trying to stop a time-traveling assassin. Along the way, Nicieza promises more of the same old action fans know and love from Marvel’s least likely duo – along with a twist thanks to the Infinite Comics format.  

Newsarama: Fabian, you’ve been writing Cable and Deadpool literally since the beginning. What keeps these characters not just kicking, but fresh?

Fabian Nicieza: Literally for Deadpool. Figuratively for Cable. Less than a year after Cable was born though. So you were pretty close there.

As for what keeps them fresh? Well, I think they've gone through periods where they were maybe a bit stale, but luckily for them (and for me), Marvel calls me up and asks me to freshen them up a bit. A little cologne, maybe a dusting of talcum powder in their nether regions. Seems to work like a charm every time, and it lets both characters go out in public.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Cable and Deadpool are one of the most unlikely buddy pairs in comic books, but they’re also one of the most popular. Where does their chemistry come from?

Nicieza: I think the "Odd Couple" nature of the characters is why they work together. Cable is absurdly serious, contemplative and sees things from a ridiculously macroscopic perspective, while Deadpool is flip, spontaneous and can't even spell macroscopic. But that's really the source of their humor together. The truth about their chemistry -- and I hate saying these things because then other writers will think they get it, too -- is that each of them are incredibly lonely and need what the other offers to find a better sense of balance in their lives.

Recently, Deadpool has become more domesticated than Fonzie in Season 8 of Happy Days. We've tried to use that to our advantage in the Deadpool & Cable: Split Second series, but at their core, they should both be lonely and tragic (for very different reasons) and the time they spend together actually makes both of them feel a little less so.

Nrama: What is the conflict at the heart of Split Second? What brings Cable and Deadpool back together?

Nicieza: Cable's powers are out of order and his life has fallen apart, but he is having precognitive visions, and in one of them, he sees Deadpool kill someone. He goes to warn Deadpool, or stop him if he has to, but Deadpool has the brilliant idea that the best way to prevent himself from killing the mad scientist that Hydra wants to assassinate is to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't kill him.

Hilarity ensues.

Nrama: Split Second is coming out in the Infinite Comics format. Are you doing anything differently to take advantage of the format?

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Nicieza: We are doing everything we can to take advantage of the format. I've tried telling anyone who will listen that for as much fun as the print version is certain to be, the book was designed, plotted and scripted to service the digital platform.

We have lots of tricks to simulate movement between panels, and gags that work better through digital scrolling than they do from reading the printed version.

But if you prefer print to digital, you'll still get a roller coaster adventure and have a darned tootin' fun time, too!

Nrama: What can you tell us about Split Second, the villain of the series, and about Loop who appears in #4?

Nicieza: Well, Split Second is the main villain of Split Second. He's an assassin from the near-future whose time harness goes a bit wonky and starts zapping Cable and Deadpool back in time by 1 minute.

Which is convenient considering they have to try and stop a murder they committed just a little less than a minute ago.

Loop is the antagonist of Chapter 4, but I can't say too much about him other than telling you he's worth reading forwards or backwards, depending on your level of masochism.

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Nrama: Cable and Deadpool had a pretty interesting supporting cast. Will any of the old gang be showing up?

Nicieza: Cable is in kind of a lonely place, so we won't see any of his supporting cast here (though Chapter 5 is one giant jaunt through Cable's life where we will see lots of characters from his future and past).

On Deadpool's side, we'll see a bit of Bob, Agent of Hydra, Shiklah and Agent Preston.

Nrama: In Split Second, you’re reuniting with Reilly Brown, who drew many issues of the original run of Cable & Deadpool. What’s it like getting the band back together?

Nicieza: It has sucked on every conceivable level possible. Reilly can't tell a story for crap. His drawings are lifeless and he has the sense of humor of a granite tile. And he always has these lame ideas that he spouts out with the enthusiasm of a caffeinated chipmunk. "Hey, how about if we figure out a way to read this chapter forwards AND backwards?" Stuff like that.

Nrama: Obviously, you’ve both come a long was as creators since Cable & Deadpool wrapped. Combined with the Infinite Comics format, is anything different about your working relationship?

Nicieza: Well, I can answer questions the way I did above and Reilly knows I'm just playing to the audience's expectations for what an interview about Deadpool & Cable should contain. Irony! Humor! Outright lies!

Credit: Marvel Comics

Seriously, when we worked together on Cable & Deadpool series in 2007-2008, he was just breaking in but already showed an excellent sense of storytelling and panel composition. His figure drawing and handling of environment have only improved since then to match his impeccable understanding of story. In technical terms, he don't suck.

Nrama: Without being too spoiler-y, what can readers expect from Cable & Deadpool: Split Second?

Nicieza: They can expect that Reilly and I put in five times the amount of work it takes to do a regular comic but were only paid our regular page rates! That translates to us giving our loyal readers a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and maybe just a little bile. Here's a tissue to dab that up. Sorry.

You want a real answer? Honestly? Our readers can expect what they pretty much always get out of me and Reilly and Cable and Deadpool. They can expect a good comic!

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