Mr. Freeze from "Gotham"
Credit: Fox

Fox has given USA Today the first look at Gotham's Mr. Freeze as played by actor Nathan Darrow. Darrow has reportedly already filmed three episodes of the Monday night series, although when they'll debut is still unknown. When asked how the character is introduced, the House of Cards alum describes him working on a "very special, independent project."

"[Victor Fries is] pretty focused on what he’s doing. He is on a very special, independent project," said Darrow. "I feel like he does go to work each day, but I think he gets time to work from home and it feels like his bosses are OK with that because he’s specially talented and he’s working on something that could be potentially of great value for who he works for. So he’s pretty much involved in this pursuit and it’s rather solitary, as you might imagine."

Credit: Fox

Darrow says the most fascinating part of the character for him is his strong bond with his wife.

"Victor has one central intimate human connection, and that’s with his wife. There’s something really, really interesting and vulnerable and difficult about that," said the actor. "Of course, that is threatened by her illness. In some of the research I did on the character as he has evolved in the comic book, he has a more tenuous connection with humanity and his own humanity, and she’s it. He is applying all his talents and skills and energies to maintaining that."

Credit: Fox

When asked about how his Mr. Freeze will compare to past live-action portrayals, Darrow promises something new.

"I will tell you we’re going to see Mr. Freeze do some things we have never seen him do."

Monday's "Worse Than A Crime" episode is Gotham's last before a mid-season break.

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