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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The original Guardians of the Galaxy came from the future, but now long-time writer Dan Abnett is introducing a new team from the past.

Debuting in December, Guardians of Infinity is a three-way crossover between the original 3000 A.D. team led by Vance Astro, the modern team now led by Rocket Raccoon, and a new 1000 A.D. team led by a Kree. Joined by artist Carlo Barberi, Abnett is playing into the idea of the team being an eternal concept in the Marvel mythos.

Newsarama talked to the writer about this new team, this new book, and what old faces he wants to bring back. Hint: Taser.

Newsarama: Dan, you’re back with the Guardians once again  -- but the line-up is a bit different. Can you tell us about your Guardians of Infinity team here, especially those new faces on the cover?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Dan Abnett: Guardians of Infinity features a cool mash-up team of classic Guardians (Vance Astro’s era, the ‘originals’) and Rocket’s team (what we might refer to as the present day or ‘movie’ line up)…so that’s a team from 3000AD and a team from 2000AD. We thought it might be fun to reveal a team from 1000AD too. And those are the new faces on the cover.

Nrama: How would you compare and contrast the original team with the modern-day Rocket line-up in terms of their theme, approach and tactics?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Abnett: Vance’s team are soldiers and freedom fighters, champions of a noble cause. Rocket’s mob are heroes, but they’re renegades and outcasts, misfits who save the galaxy despite being outsiders.

Nrama: And you have a third team coming in – Guardians 1000. What’s this team about?

Abnett: The ‘Guardians’ concept is clearly something that’s recurred through history. Our Guardians 1000 are not Dark Age characters - Earth may have been lower tech back then but the galaxy wasn’t, and most of the members are aliens.

Credit: Marvel Comics

They’re led by a renegade from the Kree military called Stella Nega, and their ranks include a Stonian, a Rigellian and very cool and massive warrior called Aerolite. There’s a human too, a character called Stargazer, and his background and origin is full of surprises.

Nrama: You had a lot of great characters threaded into your original Guardians of the Galaxy run besides the current team. Any chance we could see some old favorites of yours?

Abnett: I certainly hope so. I’d love to see some of those misfits back in play.

Nrama: Looking ahead, in February’s Guardians of Infinity #3 solicitation there’s talk of something called the Structure. What is it, and how does it compare to a place like Knowhere?

Abnett: The Structure is the central mystery here - what is it, who built it, and what kind of threat does it represent? It’s an edifice that has been built across time as well as space - hence the link-up between the different eras and their Guardian teams. This whole adventure is about cracking the mystery of the Structure.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: What would you say the theme is of this new arc you’re doing with Guardians of Infinity?

Abnett: I guess that the Guardians are an eternal concept and each era creates the team it needs. It’s also about mystery, collaboration, unlikely allies and mind-boggling SF concept of long-term planning. And by long-term, I mean thousands of years.

Nrama: You’ve been doing Guardians stories for a while now, and writing about space even longer. What inspires you currently with the new Guardians stories you’re doing?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Abnett: I love Marvel cosmic, I love ‘superheroes in space’, I love the Guardians in all their incarnations, the unlikely mix of characters and personalities. When I started writing the Guardians, they were a much-neglected corner of the Marvel Universe, and it’s great to be working on them now they’re a well-recognized, main level Marvel team.

Nrama: Last question – is there a wish list of characters you hope to use in Guardians of Infinity you haven’t got approval for or even figured out to use yet? What are some of the characters who’ve crossed your mind?

Abnett:  Ha! Of course there is. Taserface and — actually, I can’t say without risking editorial tutting, so you’ll have to wait and see. And so will I.

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