SILK Goes Sinister In "All-New, All-Different" Ongoing

Marvel February 2016 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

When Silk relaunches on November 24, Cindy Moon will be breaking bad. Joining forces with Black Cat, she’ll embark on a life outside the law, putting her at odds with her friend and one-time lover Peter Parker.

Newsarama spoke to Silk writer Robbie Thompson about the reasons behind Cindy’s shift in attitude, as well as how she’s grown since debuting last year. Along with returning artist Stacy Lee, Thompson will start a new chapter in Silk’s adventures as part of the “All New, All Different” Marvel Universe.  

Newsarama: Robbie, this new Silk volume has been framed as going “Sinister” ala Sinister Six. Is Doc Ock inside her mind, or is there something else going on that would put the former recluse up to some dirty deeds?

Robbie Thompson: Well, not to spoil anything, but Doc Ock is NOT in Silk’s mind (or is he?!) But there is something else going on that has caused Silk to commit some dirty deeds. Part of Cindy’s choice to work for Black Cat is that it gives her a great opportunity to beat up the gang her brother was in before he was hurt: Goblin Nation. And the other part… will be revealed in Issue 1!

Nrama: Silk is still working to track down her family – except her brother, which we’ll talk about later. Where’s her mind at currently given the mystery of her family?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Thompson: Her search for her parents has always been front and center in her mind and has fueled her decisions, sometimes for good and sometimes, as we see now, for bad. Her brother is on the road to recovery, but has no memory of where her parents are – so Cindy is trying to figure all this out on her own, which has, over the last eight months, led her to make some interesting allies.

Nrama: Cindy Moon’s been around for some time, but she’s still a relatively blank slate compared to Peter Parker. What kind of person do you see her as – especially considering her very deep internal monologues?

Thompson: I think Cindy is still a work in progress – not as a character, but as a person. She lost so much. Ten years! It’s unfathomable. And yet, she’s dealing with a lot of issues that are very relatable: not fitting in, anger management, feeling lost in her 20's. At the heart of her pain is the fact that she can’t find what’s missing: her family. Until she finds that missing puzzle piece, everything in her life is a challenge.

But what I love about her is that while she struggles with all of these issues, she finds a way to get up every day and get out there and keep trying. I think that’s actually the most heroic thing she does.

Nrama: Speaking of Peter, will he be involved in this book?

Thompson: Peter is quite busy running an enormous new company in the fantastic pages of Amazing Spider-Man, but he will be making an appearance in our first arc, especially once he finds out that Silk has started working for Black Cat. And not to spoil it, but he is less than pleased when he hears this news.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Peter and Cindy went through a lot during “Spider-Verse”, but they’re still friends and I think Peter feels a sense of responsibility with regards to Cindy’s safety. And Cindy still cares for Peter, but having had so much of her life taken from her, she’s not the biggest fan of people trying to take any responsibility for her life or her decisions. Their friendship is fun to explore and we’ll be doing that a bit in this first arc.

Nrama: And she’s working for Peter’s old time boss: J. Jonah Jameson. How’s that working out, exactly?

Thompson: We’re continuing the relationship they had in Silk Volume 0: Jonah is a reluctant mentor of sorts. He can be a blowhard, but he actually cares about Cindy. And he is also a fan of Silk, so he’s going to struggle to see her as anything other than a hero.

Nrama: And thanks to that job, she has a new place – her first since getting out of the bunker. I imagine for someone like Cindy, a new place like this is a huge deal. Can you talk about that?

Thompson: One of the things Editor Nick Lowe and I talked about for this “All New, All Different” launch of Silk was trying to find ways to take advantage of the eight months between when we last saw Cindy and show how much her life had changed. Obviously she’s gone bad, but we also wanted to show how much her personal life changed. Cindy is still adapting to the outside world, but as we talked about it, her finding her own place seemed like an organic way to show her breaking with her past and trying to find her own path. Life isn’t easy for Cindy, but she’s trying and getting this place (as small as it is!) was a fun way to show her taking some first steps into the world she’s missed out on.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Cindy will be joined by someone who doesn’t mind being bad some of the time, Felicia Hardy – a.k.a. the Black Cat. What kind of influence is Felicia to Cindy?

Thompson: One of the things we’re hoping to do with this book is to dive into Black Cat a bit more, and see what’s motivating her life of crime. And part of that will be reflected in how Cindy sees her “new boss.” Felicia has taken a dark turn, especially in the last eight months, and that darkness is going to have an influence over Cindy and Silk.

Nrama: Silk artist Stacey Lee is quickly becoming a breakout artist. What’s it like having her part of this book, especially with people identifying Silk with Stacey’s style so much?

Thompson: Stacey brought Cindy and Silk to life. She adds so much heart, personality, humor, detail and style. I simply can’t say enough about how incredible her work has been on this book. Each page that comes in is a total delight and always delivers something surprising. She’s a rock star.

Nrama: In February you’re doing two issues, both with guest artist Veronica Fish. What can you tell us about those issues and the mysterious Espectro?

Thompson: I’m a huge fan of Veronica’s art – and the work she’s been doing on Silk has been absolutely killer. She has a unique style that’s all her own, and yet she captures the essence of the character perfectly. Like Stacey, she’s a breakout star, and I’m so grateful to Nick for finding talented artists to work on the book.

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