Report: FOX Removes FANTASTIC FOUR 2 From 2017 Schedule?

"Fantastic Four" poster
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Despite 20th Century Fox's most recent attempt at a Fantastic Four film garnering dismal critical reception and disappointing box office receipts, the studio has still been planning a sequel for June 9, 2017 - that is, until now, it seems.

According to Box Office Mojo's list of recent changes and additions to its film schedule, the release date for Fantastic Four 2 has been changed to "TBA," meaning, if accurate, the film could be delayed indefinitely.

While this does not amount to an official cancellation, the reported date change would not be surprising considering Fantastic Four's performance, earning just $167 million globally on a budget of $120 million - not to mention its 10% fresh rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Fox has reportedly made no official statement regarding the reported change to its schedule, or the fate of Fantastic Four 2.

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