MILLER Reveals How Much AZZARELLO Is Involved In Creation of DARK KNIGHT III

Dark Knight III: The Master Race cover
Dark Knight III: The Master Race cover
Credit: DC Comics

On Friday, Frank Miller answered fan questions about Dark Knight III: The Master Race on Twitter and his body of work in general. Using the hashtag #FrankMillerChat, fans were able to interact directly with the veteran creator, who answered questions via the DC Comics Twitter account.

The most interesting tidbit of the conversation came when Miller was asked about the inspiration for Dark Knight III, giving an answer that once again raises the question of whose idea the book actually was, and how involved Miller has been in its creation.

Newsarama recently addressed this question when it was announced that Miller was planning to write and draw a third sequel to The Dark Knight Returns after Dark Knight III concludes.

Miller was also asked about his controversial writing of Superman, with one fan asking why Miller "hates" the Man of Steel.

Miller clarified his feelings on Superman when asked which hero he felt was his "own worst enemy."

A fan asked Miller to confront critics who have called his work "fascist/misogynist/racist/homophobic," which Miller responded to in a measured fashion.

Finally, proving he is no stranger to controversy, Miller shared his favorite fan comments from all the way back when The Dark Knight Returns hit shelves.

You can read the rest of the questions, along with Miller's answers, on the DC Comics Twitter account.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 hits shelves November 25.

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