DEFENDERS: 'There Is A Plan' Promises JESSICA JONES Showrunner

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Credit: Marvel/Netflix
Credit: Marvel/Netflix

Jessica Jones is the second Netflix series building towards a small-screen version of Marvel's Defenders, and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has revealed that a plan to get Defenders there is already in place - even if it's still very much under construction.

"Truthfully, no one knows where it was going to end up, and we certainly didn’t putting together Jessica Jones," Rosenberg told Deadline. "It’s funny because it didn’t play in at all, except that occasionally us writers in the room would go, 'Gosh, I wonder if the story we just came up for that there’s no room for in our series, maybe Defenders can use it.' But there are no Defenders yet."

"There is a plan for it, what the story is going to be," she continued. "But I’m not a part of it. I’ve really been very focused on Jessica Jones. Our series was well on its way to being created by the time we even saw scripts from Daredevil, and Luke Cage didn’t even have a showrunner hired then. Jeph Loeb (Marvel TV boss) is the master of the connective tissue, but each series exists in its own world."

Rosenberg was also optimistic for a second season of Jessica Jones, saying "I would hope to further expand on the ensemble, and on Jessica’s world. She ends in a very different place than she started off. She’s still going to be Jessica Jones — that is not going to change. She will continue to drink and make mistakes, and accidentally drop people onto train tracks, but something has changed for her by the end of this season, and I’d just love to explore that in the second season."

However, Rosenberg was quick to clarify that Jessica Jones has not yet been greenlit for a second season.

As for the supporting cast she mentioned, Rosenberg had a lot to say about Trish "Patsy" Walker in particular - known to comic book fans as Hellcat.

"Patsy is just one of my favorite characters and she was a big comic character in the ’40s," she explained. "So, it was interesting how many elements we could actually take from that original character, the child stardom, and the overbearing mother, and all of that stuff. She’s one of the characters that I’m looking forward to exploring, and pushing to new territory, and the world is our oyster on that one."

Speaking to whether fans could expect to see Walker take on the role of Hellcat on the show, Rosenberg said, "We can go anywhere we want with it and there’s a lot of mythology behind her …so, that’s my way of avoiding answering the question."

Finally, when asked if Jessica Jones would appear as her ill-fated superhero alter ego Jewel on the show, Rosenberg was mum.

"I can’t answer that. I can’t do that one."

Jessica Jones season one premieres November 20 on Netflix.

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