JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #5 Goes Off Without a Hitch ... BRYAN HITCH, That Is

DC Comics November 2015 solicitations
Credit: Meghan Hetrick (DC Comics)

After several delays and a re-solicitation, next week's Justice League of America #5 by writer/artist Bryan Hitch won't be by Bryan Hitch at all.

DC has announced (via ComicVine) that a new story tied into Rob William's Martian Manhunter series will be released November 25 as Justice League of America #5. Williams co-writes the story with Matt Kindt, and it's drawn by Philip Tan.

Hitch's Justice League of America #5 was already seven weeks behind schedule, as it was originally solicited for release October 7. After now Hitch-less Justice League of America #5 on November 25, the original intended story for that issue will reportedly appear in the book's sixth issue in December.

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