Report: CBS Casts Supergirl's Husband As SUPERGIRL's Potential Love Interest...Huh?

Still from "Glee"
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Credit: CBS

CBS has reportedly cast Glee's Blake Jenner for a recurring role in Supergirl -- and it's someone Melissa Benoist is all to familiar with. According to TVLine, Jenner has been cast as Adam Foster, a "handsome stranger from Cat Grant's past" who "tests" Grant's relationship with Kara Danvers. Described as a "potential new love interest" for Supergirl, there's no doubt they have chemistry: Jenner is Benoist's real-life husband.

Jenner met Benoist on the set of Glee, and began an off-screen relationship while also dating on the Fox show.

Although there's no Adam Foster character in DC lore, there is an Adam with strong ties to Cat Grant -- her son, Adam Morgan. In comic books, he's the son of Grant and Joe Morgan. Adam Morgan was eventually killed by Toyman, a.k.a. Winslow Schott, who was briefly mentioned in a recent episode of Supergirl. The elder Schott will debut later in the season, played by Henry Czerny.

Jenner will reportedly debut in one of the early 2016 Supergirl episodes.

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