MANDARIN Easter Egg Revealed In new ANT-MAN Deleted Scenes

Still from "All Hail The King"
Credit: Marvel Studios

Earlier this week, Marvel released a deleted scene from Ant-Man ahead of its home video release. Now, several more scenes, including one that hints at another villain from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have come online.

First up is a look at some of the applications for villain Darren Cross's shrinking formula. The scene's commentary, by director Peyton Reed, points out that one of Cross's prospective buyers has a Ten Rings tattoo, the symbol of Iron Man's nemesis the Mandarin.

A second deleted scene shows more of the relationship between Scott Lang and his daughter Cassie.

Marvel also released several special feature vignettes, including a retrospective with Michael Douglas, a look at the Falcon's cameo in Ant-Man, an exploration of the film's miniature sets, and a look that the fighting styles of the movie. 

Ant-Man is on home video December 8.

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