Page from "The Dark Knight Strikes Back"
Credit: Frank Miller (DC Comics)

What was previously billed as the "final chapter" of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns "trilogy" is no longer the final chapter at all.

Superstar writer/artist/director Frank Miller has confirmed to Newsarama that he has decided to create a fourth installment of his now legendary future-set Batman story. Miller said the Dark Knight IV story will follow up on the story being told in Dark Knight III: The Master Race, the eight-part mini-series that begins November 25.

'Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2' variant cover
'Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2' variant cover
Credit: DC Comics

And although DK III is being written by Brian Azzarello with art by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson, Miller indicated he's writing the next one solo.

"I thoroughly applaud what [Brian's] doing. But now that he's doing his, it's now a four-part series," Miller told Newsarama on Monday. "I'm doing the fourth."

Miller indicated he was aware of Azzarello's story, and he emphasized that he supported it. However, he said that after he reads DK3 in full, he intends to create his own fourth chapter (although he did not indicate whether he'd both write and draw the book). According to Miller's language that the series is now "four-part," the former "trilogy" would presumably now end after the fourth volume.

Both DK III and its expected follow-up, DK IV, are set within the world of the now-legendary 1986 series The Dark Knight Returns, as well as its 2001-2002 sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

Read Newsarama's full interview with Miller and long-time collaborator Klaus Janson here.

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