Doom Patrol by Becky Cloonan
Credit: Becky Cloonan
Credit: Gerard Way

At NC Comic Con, musician/writer Gerard Way revealed that he and Becky Cloonan almost worked together on a Doom Patrol series for DC. According to Way, DC had approved the series but the project never got off the ground due to Way's full-time career as a musician.

Credit: Becky Cloonan

"Just so you know, DC approved all of this stuff but it always came down to me not being able to meet deadlines, so it's on me," Way said. "I obsessed over the book. I almost quit my band so I could write it full time. Just didn't work out..."

Way, who actually interned for DC before he became famous as the frontman of the band My Chemical Romance, has written comic books including The Umbrella Academy, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. He also contributed to anthologies such as Marvel's Edge of Spider-Verse and DC/Vertigo's Vertigo Quarterly CMYK.

"If my life was a little different I'd write books for DC and Marvel all day if they'd have me," added Way. "But such is life..."

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