Report: Martial Artist SCOTT ADKINS Joins DOCTOR STRANGE... But As Who?

Doctor Strange title card
Credit: Marvel
Scott Adkins in 'Boyka: Undisputed IV'
Scott Adkins in 'Boyka: Undisputed IV'
Credit: Millennium Films

Marvel Studios has hired martial artist/actor Scott Adkins for a mystery role in the upcoming Doctor Strange film, according to TheWrap. The report states that Adkins will have several major fight scenes.

Adkins is an accomplished martial artist who began acting in 2001. He recently appeared in Expendables 2, and starred in three of the Undisputed films.

As for who Adkins might be playing, the Marvel Universe has several expert martial artists, but the first to come to mind Iron Fist. Could/would Marvel have the wherewithal to debut Danny Rand in a film, and then spin him off into the the solo Netflix series announced to follow Jessica Jones and Luke Cage?

Credit: Stuart Immonen (Marvel Comics)

Iron Fist already has connections to Doctor Strange, given his origins are tied to the mystical realm of K'un Lun. Doctor Strange's mentor, the Ancient One, is based near Nepal in comic books -- which, coincidentally, is close to the actual Kunlun mountains on which the fictional K'un Lun is based.

The Wrap states that Marvel declined to comment on this story.

Doctor Strange opens on November 4, 2016.

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