Wolves At the Door In IZUNA Preview

"Izuna" preview

Supernatural wolves tasked to protect the world against demon in a preview of December 9's Izuna.

Writers: Saverio Tenuta & Bruno Letizia
Artist: Carlita Lupatelli
From time immemorial, the spirits of nature created the Kamigakushi, a magical veil that hid them from the impure eyes of man. From that moment on, spirits and men could no longer gaze upon each other and lived as if belonging to separate worlds. One day, the Noggo appeared suddenly. No one knows how they came into being, but their harmful darkness began to infect the world of the Kami. That is why the sacred tree called Munemori created the Izuna, the only ones capable of battling the terrible scourge of the Noggo. But the mysterious birth of a wolf cub in the shape of a young girl threatens to upset the delicate balance between the two worlds and plunge both sides into chaos.
104 pages - 9.4 x 12.6 inches - Color
EAN 9781594651250
$29.95 - £21.99

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