Word Balloon: Ivan Brandon - Vikings, Escape and More

Nic Klein Talks Viking

Writer Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein debuted their Image series Vikings on April 22nd, and it was met with a critical acclaim as well as a sell-out of its first issue. A second edition will hit stores on May 5th, and on this edition of Word Balloon, Ivan talks about the series particulars.

"These two brothers have glamorized what a Viking raider is, and a sexy ideal to live up to: stealing and killing to gain attention... then face the consequences of their actions in this first issue. These guys are astronauts...there are huge parallels to exploring the new world, and our exploration of technology and space exploration. "

"It's a unique looking book...we tried to figure out a way to put out a $3.00 book and make it look like it's worth $20.00...it's hard to explain verbally, but the retailers at the ComicsPRO meeting were blown away..it definitely stands out on the shelf."

We also look at his upcoming miniseries for DC, featuring Nemesis, Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape.

"Nemesis wakes up in Electric City surrounded by faceless Global Peace Agents, he recognizes people, but they won't talk to him, or tell him why he's there, but there's no way to get out. ...it's a very strange environment...it's an unraveling mystery...part of the charm of it is Nemesis doesn't know what's happening to him...The Prisoner (the 1967 cult tv spy show) is definitely a big part of our inspiration.

“You'll see a lot of familiar DC stuff and characters that I'm using in ways that they weren't intended. A character that is fun writing for this story is Amanda Waller... what scares her? Checkmate doesn't know what's going on. No one knows what this GPA is all about."

Ivan also discusses his recent appearance on NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice.

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