ALICE COOPER Takes The Blame For Nightmare Invasion In ALICE COOPER Vs. CHAOS #3 Preview

"Alice Cooper vs Chaos! #3" preview

Alice Cooper may be the self-titled prince of darkness, but he's not afraid to take the blame for some bad nightmares getting out in a preview of this week's Alice Cooper vs. Chaos! #3.

Alice Cooper vs Chaos! #3
writer: Tim Seeley, Jim Terry
artist: Jim Terry
cover: Joyce Chinv incentive cover: Joyce Chin (B/W art)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
The Chosen are in hot pursuit of...a giant evil walking tree? Meanwhile, Ernie and Purgatori are "guests" of the maker of "Mr. Nice Guy" happy pills, and Alice Cooper must venture into the world of nightmares, without his powers!

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