Report: CW Looking For 'Pumped' ARCHIE For RIVERDALE Live-Action Series

"Archie Double Digest #68" cover
Credit: Archie Comics
Credit: Archie Comics

The CW is looking for a more "pumped" Archie Andrews for its live-action Riverdale pilot, according to TVLine. That's just one of the things purportedly revealed in casting breakdowns for the 2016 series. The descriptions of the cour four --Archie, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and Jughead Jones -- are all a bit different from their classic interpretations in comic books.

Archie is described as a high school sophmore who is "pumped and looking good after working construction for his dad during the summer.” TVLine goes on describe the redhead lead as somone with "heavy issues" and "more than one dark, terrible secret."

Riverdale's signature blonde, Betty Cooper is described as a frequent Adderall user and someone with "self-esteem issues."

Veronica Lodge is pegged at being a "silver-tongued" Latina that just became friends with Betty.

Her father Hiram Lodge will be in a bad spot if these reports are true: he's in prison after a scandal in New York which prompted his daughter to move to Riverdale.

The class clown of Riverdale, Jughead Jones, is pitched as an "emo-hearthrob" that is feuding with Archive because "the hurt goes that deep." The CW is reportedly looking for a hearing-impared actor for this role.

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