ROB LIEFELD Returning To MARVEL For 'Killer' Project

"Cable/Deadpool #33" cover by Rob Liefeld
Credit: Rob Liefeld (Marvel Comics)

Writer/artist Rob Liefeld has announced that he's working on a new "killer" project for Marvel Comics to debut sometime in 2016.

Marvel has confirmed the project to Newsarama, but there's no details as to what it would be.

Deadpool is a viable option, as the feature film is scheduled for release February 12, 2016. Marvel has already announced an expansive line of reprints coinciding with the movie's release. Liefeld created the character back in New Mutants #98, and has returned to the character on several occasions in both covers and interior art.

Another possibly is a Killraven series he illustrated written by Robert Kirkman. Liefeld has said in the past he finished pencils on the project years ago, but Marvel's made no announcements about publishing the title. That series is one of several "lost" projects at DC and Marvel.

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