CONSTANTINE's Future On CW, ARROW/FLASH Crossover Event And First Look At 'Lost Souls'

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This week, Oliver Queen reunited with an old friend in the form of John Constantine in an episode of Arrow entitled "Haunted." Arrow showrunner Mark Guggenheim has now opened up about the difficulties of making the crossover, which relied on bringing in Matt Ryan, who played Constantine in the short-lived NBC show, happen.

"I’ll tell you, to be honest with you, it was tricky because [Matt Ryan was acting in a] play," Guggenheim told Deadline. "The play created a variety of scheduling challenges and believe it or not it was starting to look as if we wouldn’t be able to get him or we would only be able to get him for a day. It definitely posed a challenge."

Fortunately, the production team rearranged the shooting schedule and made it work, though Guggenheim says fans shouldn't hold their breath for Constantine's return. 

"There’s no plans. This was always designed to be a one off."

Guggenheim also dished on the upcoming crossover between Arrow and The Flash, saying "There’s a lot of things that are really cool about this year’s crossover, one of which is the fact that there really is a true 2-part story unlike last year where it was two interconnected episodes where each had their own beginning, middle, and end."

"This is a big two-part event, one single bad guy, and it will very clearly launch Legends Of Tomorrow," he continued. "But at the same time what I think is a lot of fun about it is that it doesn’t feel like a backdoor pilot for Legends Of Tomorrow. It feels like an episode of Flash and then an episode of Arrow. It truly is a 2-hour Flash/Arrow event that just so happens to introduce us to some new characters who will be a big part of Legends Of Tomorrow."

Speaking of new characters to CW's DC TV Universe, Guggenheim does have a dream character he'd like to use.

"You know, I love Batman. He’s probably my favorite DC character and of course I’d love to see him on Arrow, but you know, that’s just not in the cards anytime soon. So it remains a fantasy, but we have so many other fantasies and pipe dreams of ours have come true, I really have no complaints."
"We always say we never set out to introduce this many DC characters, you know, on the screen. Even by the end of season one of Arrow when we had done Deathstroke much sooner than we planned, we had never planned on doing Huntress, we didn’t plan on introducing Roy Harper so soon. You know, that was all just in Season 1. To look at where we are now, you know, four years, two going on three shows in, it’s like, how did this happen? And we’re always pinching ourselves."
In other Arrow news, a new teaser for the upcoming episode "Lost Souls" has hit the web. Check it out right here:
"Lost Souls" will air Wednesday, November 11 on CW.
As for The Flash, a new poster for the ongoing season 2 has surfaced on Twitter, which shows Barry and Earth 2 Harrison Wells standing over Jay Garrick's helmet, with the phrase "Double Trouble."

Also on Twitter, a new promo for next week's episode of The Flash has appeared. Check it out right here:

And, speaking of that Flash/Arrow crossover, CW is holding a contest for two lucky fans to attend a VIP premiere screening of the crossover. You can enter here.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on CW, followed by Arrow on Wednesday nights. Legends of Tomorrow will premiere in 2016.

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