Who Are DC's Film 'Braintrust' And What's Their 'Roadmap'?

'Batman v Superman' on the cover of Total Film
'Batman v Superman' on the cover of Total Film
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Who's in charge of DC's superhero movies? Good question, and one producer Charles Roven now answers. Roven, who worked on the Nolan Dark Knight triology as well as Man of Steel and the upcoming DC movies, recently spoke to Collider about WB's process for creating their DC film universe, and who exactly is involved in the "braintrust" that guides the films.

"I would say [Zack and Deborah] Snyder, myself, John Berg, and Geoff Johns would be sort of that Brain Trust," Roven explained. "I’m working with great people. They’re all really great people. And not that we don’t—there are many times we agree, and there’s many times we don’t agree [and] we work it out.”

“The other thing that I really love about what we’re doing is we’re also bringing in really talented other filmmakers and having them come in and create—I call it the sandbox. We’ve got this sandbox of the Justice League DC characters, and we are hoping to create—this series of movies that we’ve announced are somewhat interlinked," Roven said of the process of building an interconnected world. "The characters move at a throughline that hopefully will take us all the way to Justice League 2, but they also can interact in the other films as well in some way.”

Roven also talked about what fans can expect from future Justice League related films such as Flash and Aquaman.

“So if, for example, The Flash movie or the Aquaman film is gonna come out after Justice League 1, it’s not gonna be a completely different character; that character will have evolved from Justice League 1. Wonder Woman, when we see her in Justice League 1, will have evolved from Batman v Superman," said Roven, before qualifying his statement. "Unless we decide that in one of these stories we’re gonna do something that happened in the past and have it be more of an origination story, in which case you’ll realize how that character became what they were in the movie that they were first introduced.”

Roven also stressed that many plans are still up in the air - and subject to change.

“So that’s really challenging and interesting, and you lay out a road map but then when you bring somebody else in they kinda go, ‘Well you’re going to San Francisco by Route 5, what if you took the 101?’ [And you go] ‘Well that’s interesting, maybe we should go Route 101. What if we did?’ And so that changes the whole thing and all of a sudden you realize you can actually get to where you need to get to by a whole different methodology than what you originally planned. Or you might decide to blend the routes. And by doing that it’s very fresh. You’ve got very fresh ideas, very interesting ideas. It’s just really a lot of fun if you’ve got really great collaborative minds working together to try to make things better, more interesting, more fun, more provocative.”

The next film in WB's DC Cinematic Universe, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016, followed by Suicide Squad on August 5, 2016.

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