'Avengers Academy' logo
'Avengers Academy' logo
Credit: Marvel

Marvel and developer TinyCo have announced Avengers Academy, a new mobile game that allows players to build a school for superheroes, populated by student-aged versions of the Avengers.

In Avengers Academy, players can build their own superhero campus, and unlock and upgrade younger versions of the Avengers to populate it. Features available for each player's campus include upgradeable training facilities, dorms, laboratories, classrooms, sports stadiums and more. Once a player's heroes are upgraded, they can venture into the world for narrative adventures.

Here is a teaser trailer:

“Whether its visiting Stark Tower or going on a date with Loki, players will soon be debating what’s the coolest experience of Marvel Avengers Academy, but for this lifelong fan, it’s seeing world-famous superheroes like Captain America, Black Widow and Iron Man reimagined into charmingly fresh but instantly recognizable young adult forms,” said Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games Creative Director. “And here’s the extra twist:  There’s a mystery for you to uncover—a shocking truth that lies beneath the very campus you’re exploring. You see, these are the real deal Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (and Villains), complete with their distinct personalities, powers and personal struggles that we’ve all grown to know and love. What has transformed them into students, and what chain of events have assembled them at the ultimate superhuman university? Class is in session…do you have what it takes to become an Avenger?”

Avengers Academy will be available on iOS devices in early 2016.

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