GEOFF JOHNS & AQUAMAN Team To Return To Character In New Storyline

Panel from "Aquaman" by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Credit: Ivan Reis & Joe Prado (DC Comics)

Geoff Johns has announced that he and his former Aquaman collaborators Ivan Reis and Joe Prado are returning to the character in a storyline called "Rise of the Seven Seas." The news came by way of a tweet from the DC Chief Creative Officer, with artwork from John's previous run on the book.

Take a look:


Johns alluded to a "Rise of the Seven Seas" storyline in his last issue of Aquaman, November 2014's #25. In the final pages of that issue, Nerus, King of Xebel confronts Orm and Erin to reveal that he knows the location of the "seven seas." At the time, Aquaman was the King of the first sea and Nerus King of the second sea, Xebel. The issue ends with Nerus asking Orm to join him in helping the kings of these seven seas to take over Earth.

In this week's announcement, Johns didn't give any detail as to when or where this "Rise of the Seven Seas" storyline would appear. Somewhat concidentally however, current Aquaman writer Cullen Bunn recently announced that he's leaving the title in January 2016.

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