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Credit: Hasbro
Credit: Hasbro

Hasbro is rolling out several waves of new Marvel toys and figures in time for the busy holiday season, and Newsarama was among the select few to get an advance look at those -- and also words from the people behind it.

The influential team of  Tony Colella, Senior Model Designer, Mike Breslin, Senior Director of Brand Strategy and Marketing, and Dwight Stall, Senior Marvel Product Design Manager were able to answer some of our questions pertaining to the newest Marvel waves. Now, they could only “talk about what’s in the room,” but there was still a level excitement from the crew.

First off, they talked about Hasbro unifying the Marvel Legends brand as it’s now both the 6” and above as well the 3.75” scale. The former scale figures were part of the popular “Marvel Infinite” figures and most recently “Avengers Infinite," so they elaborated on why the brand name change and consolidation.

“With the success of the legends brand we found the need to delineate our brand from our adult collector business to our kid business,” said Breslin.

Credit: Lan Pitts
Credit: Hasbro

The current Legends line is Captain America-centric that features “Super Soldier” designed Cap, Baron Zemo, MCU Black Widow, MCU Winter Solider, and Red Skull. The next wave of Legends will continue that with Sharon Carter, Whirlwind, Cottonmouth, Skurge, classic comic Cap, as well as Taskmaster and Mockingbird. That wave comes out in Spring of 2016 and the Build-A-Figure (BAF) will be a Red Onslaught.


Credit: Hasbro

tall then spoke about the Rogue figure, which will be part of the X-Men line coming in 2016 (dubbed the X-Wave). Hasbro’s first ever Marvel Legends X-Men figure wave will feature designs and characters from the X-Men world and 90’s Rogue was a good place to start.

“We went with 90’s Rogue because we had showed you a Rogue a couple years back that never made it out,” Stall said. “That was built on an older body style and system. Instead of coming to you and saying here’s our first ever X-Men wave and it has four figures you already seen, that’s not exciting enough.”

Credit: Lan Pitts

Rogue comes with an alternate head for Red Onslaught, Onslaught’s Magneto helmet. The X-Wave will have “about 7 figures” and will be announced at ToyFare in February and hit shelves around the time of X-Men: Apocalypse but will not feature any cinematic versions of characters.

The team was secret on what the BAF was actually going to be, but simply said “it’s going to be impressive.”

Switching to the 3.75” figures of the Marvel Legends including Spider-Man Noir and Triton of the Inhumans and what about these characters appeal to the team. With the several Inhumans books on comic shop shevles  and a movie in the works, it makes sense to have their presence a little more forward, so that explains the Triton. But what about the rest? Stall started off with talking about the designs.

“Our designer Bobby Vala works really hard and is a huge Marvel fan! So what you gain with 3.75” with them not being tied into a movie, is you have the entirety of the Marvel Universe to dive into. You’ll have a Spider-Man, an Avenger, a Thor, an Inhuman, an Iron Man...all of these different universes can exist in the Legends 3.75” line. He likes to sit down and think about what characters are relevant, like you said the Inhumans are getting big, but also throw in some crazy things at you that are just random to celebrate all that Marvel has.” The figures will still be compatible with the previous Marvel Universe line as they are the same scale and using the same bodies.

Credit: Hasbro

Going back to the “adult” collector Legends line, after the Captain America wave is finished, the plan is to follow that with another Cap line, but will be based heavily on the upcoming feature film Captain America: Civil War.

“The second Cap wave has some classic characters, but you’ll start to see some movie characters appear then from Captain America: Civil War,” Breslin said. “That’s going to be the trend of the rest of the year, being a mix of comic and movie characters.”

The Marvel Legends smaller line will continue the trend of producing an assortment of characters ranging from A-listers to G-listers. For example, for every Captain America, you’re going to get a Moondragon or Mandrill (okay, not exactly those figures, but you never know).

“If you see some of the character selections he has planned for next year, even I’m like ‘what’, so there’s some awesome fan craziness coming for that series”, Stall said.

Lastly, we asked what the team was most excited about, not only as collectors, but to show off to fans.

“I’m super pumped for that X-Men wave,” Colella said. “Once you see the selection of characters we’ve come up with, I think fans are going to be really happy. The Build-A-Figure is incredible, but still can’t talk about what it is just yet.”

“I think the Build-A-Figure is my favorite part,” said Breslin

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