Panel from "Doctor Strange: The Oath #5"
Credit: Marcos Martin (Marvel Comics)
Credit: HBO

Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange film has hired actor Michael Stuhlbarg to play Nicodemus West, according to Variety. Stuhlbard is best known as Arnold Rothstein in HBO's Boardwalk Empire, and also appeared in Men In Black 3 and the recent Steve Jobs.

Nicodemus West is an adversary of Strange introduced in 2006's Doctor Strange: The Oath by Brian K. Vaughn and Marcos Martin. West is a surgeon whom Strange visited to repair his hands injured in a car accident. With the nerve damage unable to be repaired by West, Strange eventually sought out the Ancient One and began his path to becoming the Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange is scheduled to begin filming this December in London, with the film opening in theaters on November 4, 2016.

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