SNYDER and JOCK Tease 2016 Return For WYTCHES

"Wytches" teaser
Credit: Jock
Credit: Jock

Scott Snyder and Jock have released a teaser promising a return to their creator-owned series Wytches some time in 2016 at Image Comics. The teaser image features a lone person standing amidst the desert, with a quote: "There's no trees in the desert... I'll be safe, right?"

Back in May just after the end of the series' first arc with Wytches #6, Snyder talked briefly about a continuation, saying that "thehe second volume is going to get very dark especially as it relates to [Sailor's] inability to trust the people around her."

There's no details about when in 2016 a new volume of Wytches would debut.

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