SHATNER Launches CHRONICLES OF WAR Comic Book Series

Man O' War
Credit: LNL Partners

Deadline reports that actor/writer William Shatner is working on a continuation of his prose novel-turned-comic book series Man O' War as a full franchise. Titled William Shatner: Chronicles of War, the series is being developed as a digital comic book series by LNL Partners through their joint partnership imprint with the actor titled Shatner Singularity.

Originally published as a prose novel in 1996, Man O' War was adapted as a comic book in 2012 at BlueWater. The near-future story concerns the first generation of humans born on Mars after space colonization begins, as they look to rebel against the Earth's government in a storyline inspired by the American Revolution.

LNL and Shatner are using that first volume as the basis for a multi-part storyline adapting other prose novels in Shatner's series, as well as developing new stories.

“Essentially Man O’ War was season one,” said Mariano Nicieza of LNL Partners. "...We’ll be launching Act of War [as] an eight-issue story arc and soon after, we’ll be launching Law of War [as] another eight-issue story arc.”

LNL states that the main goal is publishing Chronicles of War online in their proprietary cinematic graphic novel format, but they have tentative plans for a print edition in late 2016.

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