CULLEN BUNN Leaves AQUAMAN Over Negative Fan Reaction

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Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Cullen Bunn has announced that he's leaving DC's Aquaman with January's issue #48. The announcement came during Bunn's Reddit AMA, in which he confessed that his relationship with Aquaman ended some time ago, thanks to negative reaction from fans.

"There are a number of reasons I left Aquaman," Bunn told a Reddit user who asked about his Aquaman run. "I actually quit the book before my first issue even came out. The reaction from fans was brutal and disheartening even before they read my first issue. My editor (who is great) asked me to stick with it, so I did. The fan reaction didn't improve. This was such a different take on the character, a lot of diehard Aquaman fans couldn't accept it. I was accused of not taking about the book, but every time I did, I got hate tweets and hate mail. I don't need that, and it kind of made me loathe the character. In the end, I think this wasn't the right story to tell with Aquaman, so I felt it was time for me to move on. Someone else can come on and be a hero."

Bunn then added, "There's a bunch of other stuff, too, but it's best we don't dwell on it."

Two other books Bunn was working on -- Lobo and Green Lantern: Lost Army -- end later this year. The writer continues to work on DC's Sinestro ongoing title.

DC Comics has made no official comment on Bunn's departure from Aquaman, and no replacement writer has been named.

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