YouDecide: TOYS 'R' US STAR WARS Father - Good Dad or 'Get Over It, Dude'?

Still from Toys"R"Us trailer for STAR WARS
Credit: Toys"R"Us

Big Box toy giant Toys"R"Us recently debuted a new TV and theater spot promoting its Star Wars section as The Force Awakens marketing machine kicks into higher gears in anticipation of its December 18 opening.

The commercial focuses on the generational divide between fathers who grew up with Star Wars and their kids who only know the franchise as a series of old movies their parents like, or as Toy"R"Us puts it - “the heartfelt story of a father trying to connect with his daughter over the years, through his love of Star Wars.”

Here’s the full 60-second commercial. But we also want to know you think. Do you empathize with the father’s initial disappointment and emotional plight? Or think he takes the letdown man-child thing a little too far?

Check out the commercial and then join us on our Facebook page and let us know what you think?

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