With New IRON MAN Series, What Happened to BENDIS & MALEEV's SCARLET? The Writer Answers

Page from "Scarlet"
Credit: Alex Maleev
Credit: Alex Maleev

Friday morning Marvel announced a second Iron Man series by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev titled International Iron Man. The duo have worked together before, but the announcement of a new project left some fans asking what happened to their delayed and unfinished creator-owned series Scarlet, one of several series written by Bendis that have experienced completion hiccups. Bendis answered -- and shared a new page from that Marvel/Icon series.

"Alex Maleev and I [are] on an emotional and hopefully suspenseful Iron Man series," said Bendis. "And yes, I told Alex he couldn't start work on this book until he finished book 2 of our creator-owned series Scarlet... and he did!!"

Bendis and Maleev launched Scarlet in the summer of 2010, and released seven issues over the course of three years. In the intervening time Maleev worked on George Romero's Empire of the Dead, Hellboy & the B.P.R.D. and the recent Star Wars: Lando series.

No release date was given for these future issues of Scarlet.

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