Jupiter's Legacy 2
Jupiter's Legacy 2
Credit: Millarworld
Credit: Image Comics

At a UK retailer summit (via ComicBook), Mark Millar revealed the details of several upcoming projects under his Millarworld banner, published by Image Comics and Marvel's Icon imprint.

First up, Millar will reteam with Sean Gordon Murphy for Chrononauts 2: Futureshock, dropping in July 2016.

Jupiter's Legacy will return with a new volume in the spring by Millar and Frank Quitely, as well. Meanwhile, the sister title Jupiter's Circle will welcome new series artist Chris Sprouse. 

Millar also confirmed he's working with Greg Capullo on a new creator-owned series, as well as Jae Lee. Millar stopped short of revealing what these projects would be however.

Lastly, Millar revealed that for the first time he's handing over the writing duties to one of his Millarworld projects -- Hit-Girl -- to a new writer, as well as a new artist different from co-creator John Romita Jr. The writer called the duo a "a superstar creative team," though he did not reveal who would be working on it, or when it would be released.

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