"The Punisher #1" variant cover by Alex Maleev
Credit: Alex Maleev (Marvel Comics)

Frank's back -- and he's brought some new (and old) friends.

During a London retailer event, Marvel has announced a new The Punisher ongoing series written by Becky Cloonan and drawn by Steve Dillon. Announced online via ComicBook, the series comes just as the Punisher returns to live-action cinema with the upcoming new season of Netflix's Daredevil.

The new Punisher comic book series follows Castle as he investigates a new street drug that gives users powers akin to Captain America's Super Soldier Serum -- albiet unstable.

"Things are going to start out in a familiar enough place, but soon the Punisher is going to find himself in an unfamiliar environment without a lot of the things he usually relies on," Cloonan told ComicBook. "We are going to strip away some of his layers, and push him right to the limit. I want to see how far he'll go to accomplish his goals. A few people have said some of the stuff we are planning is reminiscent of Punisher MAX, which is nothing but the highest of compliments!"

This will be Cloonan's first ongoing series for Marvel, but a return for Steve Dillon as he's illustrated the Punisher several times both with Garth Ennis and Jason Aaron.

The Punisher is scheduled to begin sometime in early 2016.

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