VALIANT To Arm Retailers With AXES... No, Really

"Wrath of the Eternal Warrior" axe promotion
Credit: Valiant Entertainment
Credit: Valiant Entertainment

Valiant Entertainment has announced that it will giving custom-engraved full-size battle axes to select retailers for the debut of its new series Wrath of the Eternal Warrior on November 18. The axes will be given away to retailers participating in a promotional program for the book, but non-participants can request an axe of their own by contacting Valiant.

"Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #1 is already on track to become one of Valiant's single biggest releases of the year, and we want to give our retail partners a razor-sharp token of appreciation for making 2015 Valiant Entertainment's most successful year yet," said Valiant Publisher Fred Pierce. "Whether you're a dedicated fan or a 7,000-year-old immortal soldier, these distinctive comic collectibles will be the ultimate accent to your local comic shop, bar none."

The axes are replicas of the one used by the Eternal Warrior in comic books, and measures approximately 27 inches tall. Each one will be engraved with the Wrath of the Eternal Warrior logo.

No plans have been announced for interested readers to obtain one themselves.

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