SECRET WARS Artist's Next Project Revealed

"Secret Wars #9" cover by Alex Ross
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Esad Ribic (Humanoids)

The delayed finale of Marvel's Secret Wars is still two months away, but it's artist Esad Ribic has already picked out his next project -- and he's leaving Marvel completely.

Humanoids Inc. has announced that Ribic will be illustrating four issues of its upcoming Metabaron series written by Alexandro Jodorowsky and Jerry Frissen. The series isn't scheduled to debut until October 2016 however, and Ribic's issues -- Metabaron #13 through #16 -- will be the last of the 16-part maxi-series, coming out tentatively in late 2017.

Artists will be drawing Metabaron in four-issue groupings, starting with Valentin Sécher, and followed by Niko Henrichon, Mukesh Singh and finally Ribic.

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