CW's FLASH/ARROW Universe Expands With On-Set Easter Egg

Promotional art for 'Arrow' season 4
Promotional art for 'Arrow' season 4
Credit: CW

Fans of CW's DC TV Universe are more than familiar with Central City and Star City - the homes of Flash and Arrow, respectively - but a set photo from a press tour has revealed that there's a lot more to CW's DC geography than previously seen.

Captured by Nerdist reporter Amy Ratcliffe, the photo shows a set of clocks displaying the times in various DC cities. While the timezones are a little off - even the real continental United States only has four standard zones - the knowledge that these cities exist in this world hints at a much bigger scope than fans have previously known about.


Important times to know on display at Picture News on the set of #TheFlash.

A photo posted by Amy Ratcliffe (@amy_geek) on

On the clocks are Bludhaven, once home to Nightwing, and situated not far from Gotham City; Midway City, sometimes shown as home to Hawkman and Hawkgirl - both slated to appear in Legends of Tomorrow; Starling City, home of Oliver Queen, which was recently renamed Star City to match Green Arrow's comic books; Central City, home of the Flash; Coast City, home of Hal Jordan, which was previously seen in another Arrow Easter egg; and Opal City, the home of Starman.

While these are some of the most well-known fictional cities in DC Comics lore, it's interesting to note that Gotham City and Metropolis - the two biggest cities in the DCU - are pointedly missing.

Flash airs Tuesday nights on CW, while Arrow follows it on Wednesdays.

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