THE SANDMAN Aimed To Begin Filming In 2016

The Sandman by P. Craig Russell
Credit: P. Craig Russell (DC/Vertigo)
Credit: DC Comics / Vertigo

One of the most anticipated Warner Bros. comic book adaptations outside of the superhero variety is The Sandman, and screenwriter David Goyer has given more details about the film's progress. Goyer, who is developing the movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and co-creator Neil Gaiman, told Collider that he's hopeful filming will begin in 2016.

"So we’re just starting a re-write with a really fantastic writer that fans of your site will enjoy that’s coming aboard, but I can’t quite announce it yet," said Goyer.

Earlier this year Warner Bros. announced that it had offloaded all of the Vertigo adaptations to one of its subsidiaries, New Line. Goyer said that it's a positive move, as it removed potential competition between the DC and Vertigo films.

"All of the Vertigo properties ported over to New Line a few months ago. There was a decision from the higher-ups that New Line would focus on the Vertigo properties and Warner Bros would focus on the DC properties. I think that the Vertigo properties are a bit more quirky and off-center than kind of the mainstream superhero stuff at Warners. But I understand the decision because we’re not having to fight for release dates with the Vertigo stuff like we would have been having to do over at Warner Bros."

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