VIN DIESEL Reveals What It Will Take To Be BLACK BOLT

Black Bolt by Adi Granov
Credit: Adi Granov (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Vin Diesel has not been shy about lobbying for the role of Black Bolt in Marvel's 2019 Inhumans film, but now, according to Diesel, it's Marvel who should be doing the courting.

“I don’t do too much ’if it happens, do you know what I mean?...I don’t do too much ’if it happens,’ it’s more at what level it will happen," Diesel told the Happy Sad Confused podcast. "It’s not a matter of me wooing Marvel, it’s a matter of Marvel wooing me. And I love them, but I’m just saying, show me a dope script and show me a great director, all of which I know that Kevin [Feige] is capable of, because he dazzled me when he suggested Groot. That was, like, profound to me."

Diesel went on to explain how he felt his role as Groot connected to a previous role from much earlier in his career.

“Of course he was playing off of The Iron Giant, so it did feel like a natural next step for that, and a way to service The Iron Giant in a kind of new form. It couldn’t have gone better; I thought it was genius. I’m not doing anything just for work. I’m doing things that I can feel passionate about, and that I feel like I can contribute to.”

Listen to the entire interview right here:

Inhumans is due to hit theaters July 12, 2019, while Diesel will reprise his role as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which is set for a May 5, 2017 release.

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