FOX & FRIENDS Takes On CAPTAIN AMERICA: 'He's Going Up Against Conservatives'

"Sam Wilson, Captain America #1" first look
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Captain America has a long legacy fighting foes that target minority groups in the United States, but some people feel that the latest iteration of his comic book, Captain America: Sam Wilson, in which Sam Wilson cuts ties  with the U.S. Government and battles a domestic terrorist group, goes too far.

The hosts of Fox News' daily news roundtable show Fox & Friends have called out the new Captain America for facing off against a new version of the Sons of the Serpent, whose xenophobic views threaten immigrants. Identifying the Sons of the Serpent as "conservatives," the hosts of Fox & Friends call the group's leader, the Supreme Serpent, "an American who has misgivings about illegal immigration and the costs associated with it," saying that Captain America: Sam Wilson #1 paints this viewpoint as "evil."

The hosts go on to say that the comic book pigeonholes average Americans as "ignorant, snakehandling bigots" trying to "turn the country into Nazi Germany," and decry the actions of Captain America in the comic book as encouraging illegal immigration.

Finally, the hosts recall the earliest days of Captain America comic books, citing the famous cover of Captain America punching Hitler, and saying that "ordinary Americans...probably some of you watching at home" are now Captain America's enemies, and call for keeping "politics out of comic books." Check out the entire segment right here:

Captain America; Sam Wilson writer Nick Spencer actually wrote of backlash against Wilson's stance in the first issue, and took to Twitter to respond to Fox & Friends comments about the debut issue. 

Captain America: Sam Wilson #2 comes out October 28. 

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