UPDATED: IMAGE's MATERIAL Abruptly Cancelled

Image Comics August 2015 covers
Credit: Image Comics

Updated October 20, 2015 at 5:38 pm. ET: Since the original story, Kot has spoken more about his decision to cancel Material in a email newsletter.

Material is cancelled. It's no-one's fault.

The facts are simple: the current comics marketplace, and the current comics business, do not support the type of work I predominantly want to create, nor do they support the type of ethical conduct I want to perpetuate. Nor do they pay enough.

In the months following the now-famous-and-infamous interview I gave Abraham Riesman at the Vulture, I sensed a final rising of a long-gestating tidal wave. I don't have a good explanation of what the wave is; I merely know it exists. I know I am moving into a new way of being, and some days, I can see the other shore.

Material might continue next year. The format would change. One graphic novel per year. See if it works. If it does, we might do more. If it doesn't...well, I refuse to not use the already-made-and-excellent covers by Tom Muller, so we at least have to do the 2016 version.

Original Story: Writer Ales Kot has announced via Twitter that he has abruptly cancelled his Image Comics' series Material with artist Will Tempest. Launched in May, a collection of the first four issues came out in September. Material #5 was scheduled for release October 28, with two more for November and December, but Kot said those are cancelled.

Kot later states that it's possible the series could return in graphic novel format in 2016, and that he would talk more about the decision to cancel the single issues at a later date.

According to Diamond's sales figures, Material wasn't a high-selling title for Image, with the third and fourth issues dropping outside the Top 300 titles being sold by American comic book shops.

Kot declined to comment to Newsarama. Image has not responded to our request to comment.

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