"Heroine Chic" by Audrey Mok
Credit: Audrey Mok

Press Release

Renowned comic book writer David Tischman (Batman, Batman/Superman, Justice League, Cable) today announced the launch of HEROINE CHIC – an original digital comic series, set in the world of high fashion. It’s the first time the high-flying world of superheroes has focused on the cutthroat world of haute couture. The series is carried on LINE Webtoon, a leading digital comics service with worldwide distribution and over 17 million unique visitors a month.

The first 3 chapters of the series are LIVE now, available on the LINE Webtoon site ( or by downloading the official LINE Webtoon app. for smartphones. New chapters of the 130-page series roll out each week.

HEROINE CHIC was created and written by Tischman and features groundbreaking artwork by new comics sensation, Audrey Mok.

Set in a New York City filled with superheroes, HEROINE CHIC’s main character is Zoe Porter, 24, a recent design school graduate who gets a dream job working for Dyna Cuff, the top designer of superhero costumes. Dyna is a fashion genius but a difficult boss, and her superhero clients are vain and insecure.

The idea hit Tischman one day when he saw a woman wearing Koral shiny leggings and a sports bra. “I write comic books,” Tischman said. “That’s a superhero costume.”

“I started thinking about all those great Bob Mackie costumes, and about Mary Quant in London in the early 60’s, and about Courrèges,” Tischman added. The idea for HEROINE CHIC came fast after that. “Superheroes are aspirational – and so is fashion,” Tischman said. “We put on clothes and we become someone else. Our secret identity is when we’re naked, standing in the closet, trying to figure out who we’re going to be that day.”

HEROINE CHIC is an action-adventure-romance, but the story also pokes (gentle) fun at superhero and fashion tropes. For example, in one early installment, Zoe derides the very unfashionable costume details of a hero’s suit, which coincidently happen to be the same details superstar artist Jim Lee added to Superman’s costume in DC Comics’ New 52 reboot. In a later chapter, Dyna designs a female hero’s costume that uses high heels and wide shoulder extensions to give a short, pear-shaped hero an Amazonian hourglass shape, another hero asks if the cape makes him look fat and a superhero sidekick is caught wearing a costume knock-off.

“Zoe is our main character, but she is not a superhero; she does not have super powers. But she will become the hero of her own life, and she will do it with style,” Tischman said, adding that HEROINE CHIC is written for both female and male audiences.

This is the first time Tischman has written about the fashion industry, but he admits he’s a fan.

“I love watching Project Runway and What Not to Wear. I’ve been reading a lot of Vogue and I scour Refinery29 every day for ideas,” Tischman said. “But sometimes I have to ask my wife, ‘is it okay to wear stirrup pants with a sling-back pump’?”

HEROINE CHIC is one of six projects that make up LINE Webtoon’s first wave of American digital comics, as the publisher moves to increase its international market share. Other creators involved in the first wave include comics legend Stan Lee, superstar artist and publisher Marc Silvestri, and internet sensation Michelle Phan, who is creating an original sci-fi idea for the site.

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