First Look at the Completed Blackest Night #1 Cover

Completed Blackest Night #1 Cover

Blackest Night #1

After releasing the penciled and inked version of the cover to Blackest Night #1, DC’s Blog, The Source, continues to be the pipeline for DC previews, and gets a jump of July solicitations by posting the final version of the cover to the July-debuting miniseries.

The cover is illustrated by Ivan Reis, and has many long-time Green Lantern fans have speculated, while Black Hand has been shown to be the prime mover behind the start of Blackest Night, and the corpse of the Anti-Monitor is somehow playing a role, the screaming skull seems to suggest that Nekron (first appearance in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #2 in 1981) – who has been shown to raise the dead before – will play a major role in the storyline.

Going deeper into the realm of pure speculation, Nekron is in line with the other ring colors, as the major newly revealed Lanterns have established figures that have played a role in the larger mythology of Green Lantern involved with them.

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