SUPERGIRL And JIMMY OLSEN Have Some Romantic Roadblocks In CBS Show

"Supergirl" cast photo
Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Despite the growing number of fans 'shipping Kara Zor-El and James Olsen in CBS's upcoming Supergirl, Mehcad Brooks, who plays Olsen, says he has a prior relationship that's standing in the way of the Melissa Benoist's character and his getting together - a relationship with Kara's cousin, Olsen's pal Superman.

“There’s definitely an attraction between the two [James and Kara] but there’s kind of a bro code with Superman," Brooks told ScreenRant. "If Superman asked you to go check in on his cousin, you can’t just go hitting on Superman’s cousin, because you start getting hit on by Superman – and that’s not a good thing. He will heat vision you and freeze breath you to death.”

According to Brooks, a romance isn't off the table entirely, but Olsen is there to support Kara - not to date her.

“He’s very protective of her. He’s very protective but he also allows her the room to grow. Being Supergirl is just the metaphor for all of us being our higher selves. When it comes time to be a hero, when it comes time to be proud of yourself in a moment where you can choose your lower frequency or your higher frequency – and you choose your higher one, you need room to grow. But you also need support. He fits that role very well.”

While there was certainly a love connection - at least on Kara's end - in the Supergirl pilot, it seems like Olsen and Superman's "bro code" might stand in the way of their relationship developing much further.

Fans will have to wait until Supergirl premieres on CBS on October 26 to see what lies in store for Olsen and Kara.

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